Educate. Empower. Engage.

[Two workshop participants shooting a scene they created.]



Welcome to Labragirl Pictures

Labragirl Pictures is the film production division of the media literacy company, Labragirl Film Project. Once students have gained basic media reading, decoding, and critical thinking skills, it is time to become an empowered participant in media creation. Labragirl Pictures helps students shift from passive participants in visual creation to empowered media creators. 

Empowering Students

To help students create conscious media, Labragirl Pictures:

  • Produces films to be used in conjunction with Labragirl Film Project's K-12 media literacy curriculum and lesson plans;
  • Runs a student filmmaking contest to help students strengthen their voices and make strong visual statements; 
  • Delivers workshops about how to combine media literacy skills with media creation; and 
  • Offers film editing services.

For more information please contact us at laurie@labragirlpictures.com