About Labragirl

What is Labragirl Pictures?

Labragirl Pictures is the film production division of Labragirl Film Project

Labragirl Film Project is a media literacy company that provides support to teachers who want to help their students move from unconsciously consuming images to thinking critically about media’s influence. 

Ultimately, Labragirl’s goals are to:

  • Make certain every student has access to media literacy education; and  
  • Encourage the use of media to effect social change.

What is Media Literacy?

There are a lot of misconceptions about media literacy. Media literacy is a distinct field of study. Although the fields are tangentially related, media literacy is not film analysis, film literature, or even straight film production. Media literacy is not about understanding airbrushing or raging against MSNBC or FOX news, but rather media literacy is having the skills to read, analyze, decode, and think critically about visual images.

Labragirl Pictures & Media Literacy

Once students have these media literacy and critical thinking skills, then—from this aware and empowered perspective—it is time to participate in media creation. While Labragirl Film Project conducts Labragirl's media literacy teacher training programs, Labragirl Pictures supports teachers and students when they reach the empowered participation stage. Labragirl Pictures does this by creating films for classroom use, running a student Public Service Announcement (PSA) filmmaking contest, and providing media production instruction.  

Labragirl Pictures Vision

Labragirl Pictures is dedicated to uncovering lost histories and challenging the way we see and understand the past. In making these films, we fully respect and submit to the awesome power of the moving image.  To this end, we are dedicated to preserving our integrity and upholding our responsibility as filmmakers to create films with a historical voice and consciousness.

Labragirl Pictures interprets “historical voice and consciousness” to the mean the following:

  • Uncovering lost histories    
  • Finding stories that are compelling and address contemporary historical and social issues
  • Creating films that use the magnetism of the moving image to stimulate discussion and change in society
  • Using the strength of both the story and the medium of film to explore the concept of cultural memory

While striving to satisfy its voracious appetite for filmmaking, Labragirl Pictures remains loyal and devoted to its core values of integrity, social responsibility, and artistic playfulness.