Happy Summer.

Labragirl is making Baseball Movies!



Welcome to Labragirl Pictures

Labragirl Pictures is a Colorado based indie film production company working to bring lost voices and missing histories to the silver screen.

Narrative-documentary Films

Currently, we are working on three hybrid narrative-documentary films:

  • 6-4-3 follows a fictional midwestern minor league team through the dog days of summer as the young major league hopefuls—including a female ball player—fight to make it into the post season;  
  • In See No Evil a young woman as returns to her hometown and high school after being trafficked for two years; and
  • Lost Innings goes inside the Indianapolis Clowns' dugout to watch this Negro League team's baseball and clowning escapades.

Documentary Films

In addition to hybrid films, we are also working on a slate of documentaries:

  • Rocky Beginnings goes back in time to reexamine the influence America's westward movement and the resulting conflicts had on the formation of the American identity; 
  • The intimate and personal stories of Chinese immigrants open a window to the past in HÓNGBĀO where viewers will see first-hand what Post WWII immigration and acculturation were all about; 

  • Martinsville goes back to the courtroom of the Martinsville Seven trial to see how racial discourse in the judicial system has influenced gender and racial power. 



Current Projects: